Kay Services Safety


Kay Services, Ins. is 100% committed to providing a safe working environment for our employees while ensuring top quality job performance. Kay Services, Inc. adheres to all guidelines set forth by the various contracts which we are currently work under including an Anti-Drug Plan and Alcohol Misuse Prevention Plan following all rules and regulations a set forth by the Department of Transportation. In addition, Kay Services, Inc. We do not employ a full time safety consulting firm. But we have a full time safety manager, DOT Operator Qualification Testing and Verifications, health, environmental, custom compliance, and management support needs. All Kay Services, Inc. employees are encouraged, as a condition of continued employment, to participate in training and educational programs such as plant orientations and weekly safety meetings. All of our herbicide employees are licensed through the Texas Department of Agriculture as required by law and the proper licenses are maintained for the other areas of Kay Services, Inc. business.

To learn more about any of our Industrial Grounds Maintenance Services, give us a call at (979) 345-3743 or fill out this form.

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