Pipeline Right-of-Way Clearing & Maintenance

Kay Services Inc. is a Pipeline & Industrial Grounds Maintenance Company

Kay Services is dedicated to providing top-quality pipeline right-of-way services to our customers. We use only the highest quality equipment and a variety of application methods to minimize environmental impact while increasing effectiveness.

Right-of-Way Maintenance

Right-of-Way Vegetation Control – Utilizes both mechanical and chemical methods of application on utility and pipeline easements that have either potential or existing problems caused by unwanted trees, brush, weeds and/or grasses.

Mechanical Maintenance – Utilizes a variety of equipment to cut, clear, and remove unwanted vegetation with specified easements, including brush hog type tractors and mowers, articulated slope mowers, marsh-masters with attached mowing decks, tracked equipment with hydro-axe and grapple attachments. We use the most state of the art equipment including FAE, CMAF Catapiller Mulcher ,Jarraff, John Deere, etc.

Selective Right-of-Way Chemical Control – Utilizes specialized spray application equipment on selected sites with the intent of bare ground control or Bermuda Release. Our equipment consists of four-wheel drive, high volume spray trucks, Ardco spray vehicles, spray tractors, as well as low volume back-pack sprayers. Target areas include transmission sites, road crossings, meter and valve sites, and right-of-way markers.

Chemical Side Trimming – Prevents or eliminates encroachment from trees and or brush into the easement or right-of-way and can replace mechanical cutting or trimming that may be too costly or is not easily accessible by conventional equipment. Target areas include wetlands, marshes, and forests.

Specialized Industrial Mowing

Kay Services can provide all the equipment necessary for your specialized industrial mowing needs:

Marshmaster with Mowing Attachments – A tracked vehicle capable of treading marshes and wetlands that has a 5-foot mowing deck attached for cutting cattails and other water borne vegetation.

Articulated Slope Mower – Mostly used in industrial sites that have sloped surfaces that need cutting. Target areas include tank farm fire walls, retention ponds, and ditches.

Flail Mounted Mowing Decks – Used for a more manicured type cut and can be mounted on slope mowers or flat surface mowing tractors. Target areas include tank farm fire walls, fields, easements and ditches.

To learn more about any of our Industrial Grounds Maintenance Services, give us a call at (979) 345-3743 or fill out this form.

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