Industrial Spray Programs For Vegetation Control

Kay Services, Inc. Industrial Grounds Maintenance Company

For our industrial spray programs, Kay Services uses a variety of methods to minimize environmental impact while increasing the effectiveness of our chemical spray. We use only chemical spray products for vegetation control that are environmentally friendly, safe to use for workers and highly effective.

Bare Ground Control Program

Our bare ground control program provides vegetation control to non-crop industrial sites such as airports, military installations, petroleum tank farms, pipeline and utility rights-of-way and other similar industrial areas that must maintain a vegetation control program.

Our herbicide formulations may include both pre-emergent and post-emergent products, designed to suppress or stop seed germination.

Selective Control Spray Programs

Selective Control Spray Programs reduce or eliminate invasive and competing vegetation allowing the preferred or native species to remain and prosper.

Examples of this type of control are as follows:

Bermuda Release – Common Bermuda grass is drought-resistant, grows on many soils, and is the preferred grass on most industrial sites, and because of its low maintenance, Bermuda Release vegetation control often reduces mowing frequencies, therefore creating less worker exposure.

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